Carbonite Reseller

Zalyx is now an authorized Carbonite Reseller

authorized_reseller_rgbWith subscribers in more than 100 countries, Carbonite is a leading provider of online backup for both home and small business users. To date, Carbonite has protected over 300 billion files – backing up more than 350 million files each day – and restored nearly 20 billion files, that otherwise would have been lost forever.

Whether you want to backup a single PC or your entire server environment, Zalyx and Carbonite can offer you a solution for as little as $5 per month.

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Application Development

Computer ProgrammingFinding experienced computer programmers to provide application development and report writing services can be a very expensive proposition. Hiring and retaining this staff is difficult given the numerous opportunities for these programmers to work at large companies and earn big salaries. Your business most likely has a part-time need to have experienced professionals build and modify applications that can suit your exact business needs. Zalyx has access to these resources and the good news is that they are located in the United States. You can work directly with English speaking developers that work in the same time zone as your business. Let our experienced professionals take your business applications to the next level and deliver an outstanding user experience.

Global IT Help Desk Service

Global Help Desk ServiceWhen presented with the challenge of finding support for your offices that are spread across the globe, the options can be endless. The common questions are: Do I need native language support? How do I deal with desk side support issues in another country? How easily can this be integrated with my local IT support staff? Do we need to utilize a different sent of support tools? Navigating this complexity can be very time consuming. Having a resource that you can turn to that is familiar with different options can be invaluable to your organization. You can leverage Zalyx resources to find what you need at the best possible price in the least amount of time. Let our experience guide you for your global IT help desk service needs.

Maximize the force of Salesforce

Salesforce_Logo_2009“With great power comes great responsibility.” That’s how you will eventually feel when you decide to run your sales organization using Salesforce. The power of Salesforce comes with great responsibility. The tool doesn’t work by itself nor does it satisfy all your requirements out of the box. Therefore, if you want to experience the maximum value of Salesforce and see what it is meant to do, then you need to invest resources and time into that project. As an avid user of Salesforce, I have seen the light and understand the true potential of this wonderful software product. My problem, like so many other’s, is I don’t have the time available to maximize my use of this product. When confronted with a problem like this you always have two choices. Spend the time doing it yourself or get someone else to do it. 

Zalyx can direct you to a  company that will let you experience what Salesforce was meant to do. After a very short engagement your sales team will enjoy a tool that is customized to their needs. After the initial engagement is complete, you can continue to enjoy a service that will keep your Salesforce platform running at maximum potential. Why invest in a tool that is not used properly and operates at less than 30% of its potential when you can keep the engines running at full potential? Call us to discuss how properly implementing your Salesforce platform can impact your bottom line.

Digital Content Management

Digital Data

Do you have physical data that you would like to convert into digital data? Converting analog and legacy content for a broad range of digital output requires two things: a healthy understanding and sound application of new technologies, and a thorough knowledge and prudent use of workflow automation tools. To do this you need to be an expert in a wide range of content technologies and platforms, from industry-wide standards such as EPUB 3.0 to proprietary tools such as SPiCE (SPi Copy Editing Tool). It does not make sense to try and tackle this chore on your own. We have access to some of the major players in the industry to accomplish this task. If your data has become a mountain of confusion let us help you figure out how to climb and conquer the mountain.