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As more companies consider outsourcing IT services, they are confronted with the challenge of picking the perfect partner.  Most IT executives can relate to the extraordinary time and effort invested in interviewing IT service providers only to find out later there was a substantially better choice more aptly suited to their needs.  As an IT executive you will undoubtedly want to focus your time on IT initiatives that drive bottom line value to the organization.  You don’t have the time to research, interview and engage all the potential partners that can benefit your organization.

Zalyx Business Services helps you navigate this challenge by working directly with you to find the perfect partner. We research your IT needs and discuss your critical factors for a successful partnership.  Armed with this information, we search our database of existing IT providers and do extensive research to find the partner best suited to maximize your organization’s capacity.  We broker the introduction and help negotiate the dynamics of the entire relationship.  We work with you through the entire process until you are confident the selected vendor meets your needs.  If they don’t, we go back to our search and bring additional partners to the table until you find that perfect fit.

Zalyx will help you find partners in the following service areas:

Help Desk GrayScale


Help Desk Services

24 x 7 x 365 IT support is much more affordable than you may think.  In today’s mobile device driven world you need to be able to provide your employees with around the clock support.  Staffing a help-desk to meet those demands can be prohibitive due to cost and limited access to commensurate resources.   Zalyx provides a multitude of options from unlimited support to the option to pay for support only when you need it.  We can help you ascertain what best suits your business.  Let Zalyx professionals deal with the complexity of matching your requirements with the many vendors that can best service your end-users.



End-Point Management

End Point Management Gray Scale

There once was a time where every device your end-users operated ran the same operating system on essentially the same hardware.  Those days are long gone and so is the simplicity of the good old days.  The end-points used by today’s end-users range from PCs, laptops, tablet computers, PDAs to smart phones.  Each device has unique hardware and operating system requirements.  The problem is all these devices need to be managed as if they were running the same hardware and operating system.  The data must be secured on one device equally as well as it can on another device.  This is a daunting task for even for the most sophisticated IT department.  There are hundreds of solutions out there to help manage this complexity.   Let the experienced team at Zalyx do the hard work and bring you the partners that can address your exact end-point management needs.


Server Management and Monitoring GrayScaleServer Management and Monitoring

Everyday your business is entirely dependent on the applications that run on your servers.  When these servers stop functioning properly your business immediately starts to suffer.  The cost of this downtime can be devastating to your business and your reputation with your customers. Every company is aware of this but, surprisingly, rarely do they have an active management and monitoring system in place.  It is more common to passively wait for disaster to strike and deal with the consequences later.  There are hundreds of companies that offer solutions to address the need for proactive server management and monitoring.  Which company’s service best suits your requirements? Let Zalyx IT professionals partner you with the best solution for your needs.


Network Management and MonitoringNetwork GrayScale

The lifeblood of your business is the data that flows through all your devices.  Your network is the highway on which that data travels and when it stops, everything stops! You rely on this network to make sure your end-users and customers have the information they need immediately.  How do you know if it is working properly?  Is it secure?  Does data crawl along your network?  These questions can easily be answered with educated network engineers, expensive hardware and sophisticated tools.  No one has the time or energy to build this complexity even though they can benefit from it tremendously.  These capabilities are available off the shelf.  All you need to do is find the right partner.  That’s where Zalyx will help.

Cloud Hosting GrayScale

Cloud Hosting

The cloud has simplified business security and capacity while facilitating expansion.  Simply defined, the cloud is using someone else’s hardware to run your services.  If you have servers in your building, or in a co-location facility, running on your network, then you have built your own private cloud.  The question is, do you want to keep doing it that way?  There are many ways to move your applications to the cloud, but not all applications belong in the cloud.  There are a variety of factors to consider and many vendors to choose from and this is where things can get confusing.  Moving an application to the cloud is not an easy task and you certainly do not want to do it more than once.  With our experience of the crowded cloud space we will find that perfect cloud partner.


To discuss any of these services please contact us and speak with our trained professionals to talk about your IT requirements.