Cloud Hosting HeaderClouds, Clouds, everywhere and not a drop to drink!   That’s how a lot of IT professionals feel.  The cloud offers IT professionals a simple way to take all their applications and servers and move them into a black box so they never have to worry about them again.  That’s what most cloud providers want you to believe – but it is not that simple.   Not all applications belong in the cloud and moving them could dramatically impact your business.  There are literally hundreds of ways you can use the cloud to offer the best value for your business, but which way is the best? Do you need PaaS, SaaS, or IaaS? To navigate this complex environment you will need to understand all the different cloud offerings and how they relate to your business. This will take a lot of time and energy that will prohibit you from focusing on your day-to-day IT activities.

Zalyx professionals can clear up these cloudy skies and find the cloud partner that can best meet your strategic and economic business requirements. We will work directly with your team to determine the best mix of cloud services. To set up an appointment please contact us.


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