End Point Management HeaderMost people can recall the time when every employee was doing their work on an PC or Laptop running a windows operating system.  The responsibility of ensuring these devices were properly configured with secured data was a fairly simple task.  The mobile work-force changed this homogenous IT world forever.  Now your employees are doing their work on tablets, PDAs and Smartphones and who knows what next.  They are running many different operating systems.  The complexity of properly configuring and securing these devices has become a time-consuming task.

To address these new challenges IT companies are doing what they always do which is to buy new software tools and hire or retrain existing staff. This will work but now your are using expensive IT resources to focus on tactical activities as opposed to focusing on strategic IT initiatives.  There are many companies that can service your end-point management needs.  Which company will best meet your needs is a function of your business requirements.  Let Zalyx professionals work with you to determine how you can eliminate the need to manage your end-points internally. Please contact us for a free assessment.


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