My Practice Experts launched today and here is the back story on how this happened. If you have ever been to San Diego or lived here for any time, you would know that San Diego is not known for its rainy days. But on November 21, 2019, it was raining quite heavily, and certain areas were flooding – particularly my backyard. To say the least, it was an unusual day, and it was about to get a lot more unusual. San Diegans will know that driving here when it is raining is like driving in Boston when there is a blizzard. Relatively speaking, it’s the same chaos.

On this day, I was driving to meet with a former client to get caught up on their recent progress. At the time, I was working under a contract as the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing with a local IT company. During my three years in this position, I grew the company’s revenues by over 700% and built the company’s marketing engine from nothing, which helped fuel this remarkable growth. My drive to grow this company and diligence to be on the cutting edge of technology clearly produced this extraordinary result. Our new CEO was in town to accompany me to the meeting. The meeting went exactly as I had expected, but what happened next was utterly unexpected. As we left the meeting, the new CEO handed me a paper and told me my contract was ending, effective immediately, because he was making some changes. The old saying quickly came to my head, “When it rains, it pours. How could this be, I thought to myself, considering the notable contribution I had made to this company’s growth? There wasn’t much to do but accept the decision, even though it didn’t make sense, and drive home.

My Practice Experts Launched and this rainbow is how it started

The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

As I was driving home, my mind was racing with thoughts about what just happened. I was quickly running numbers in my head regarding the financial consequences of losing that contract and what I can do to get back on track quickly. I called my wife on the way home to share the bad news with her and discuss the future. As usual, she was highly supportive and loving. Then I saw something that you rarely see in San Diego. A rainbow was stretching across the sky. It looked to me that the end of the rainbow was landing directly on my neighborhood. It was so unusual that I took the picture that you see to the right as I was driving home. It was at this moment that I realized I was worrying about nothing, and everything is going to be okay.

My thoughts quickly changed from what happened to what COULD happen. The rain always stops, and the sky will clear. At that moment, I remembered all the times my wife and I talked about starting a business together. We are both busy professionals, so finding time to build another business was difficult. I realized my terminated contract gave me all the time I needed to create that business we dreamed about because I was free to use my time any way I wanted now. That’s when the creation of My Practice Experts was sparked and why we are launching this business.

I was so excited for my wife to get home from work that night so we can discuss the future. Her name is Dr. Donna Kashani, and she is a double board-certified Adult and Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist with a thriving concierge medical practice in San Diego. She has been in private practice for 25 years and has been ranked by Healthgrades as the number one child and adolescent psychiatrist in the country since 2015. Over her 25 years of providing patient care, she had developed some great systems to make sure everything runs smoothly. She has even helped other physicians start their own private practice by providing them with the information they needed to succeed. As a result of what happened to me, we decided our future was going to be focused on helping doctors and therapists start their own private medical practice. We planned to take everything Dr. Donna had incorporated into her private practice and turn that into a service any doctor could use.

How we Help Doctors and Therapists

The biggest challenge in starting a private or concierge practice is the lack of support. Doctors and Therapists are more inclined to go work for a clinic as an employee because all they need to do is show up to work and take care of patients. It’s a steady paycheck with little risk. The clinic supports them so they can do their job. To succeed in private practice, you need to build that support system yourself, and that is a daunting task considering how much support a doctor needs to run their business. Generally speaking, doctors have not been trained to run businesses; they were trained to care for patients. Donna and I realized we have all the ingredients to provide the underlying support private medical practitioners need. It was just a matter of assembling these ingredients into a universally acceptable service that doctors and therapists can consume. So we took all the main functions of the standard medical practice and broke them down into the following services. Financial Accounting/Bookkeeping, Medical Billing, Electronic Records, Patient Communication, Technology, and Marketing.

A little over two months after we decided to build this business, we are now open for business. My Practice Experts is Launched! We are ready to assist any doctor that wants to either start a private practice or have us take over all the administrative duties of their current private practice. If you need some additional information on why it’s a good idea to get outside help to run your private practice, I encourage you to read my blog about the Top 6 Reasons to Outsource the Business Management of your Private Medical Practice. If you want to schedule a complimentary consultation on how we can help, please click here to book an appointment on my calendar or send an email to [email protected]. We are ready to manage your business so you can focus on patient care.