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To empower medical practitioners to enter private practice by providing all their technology and business needs so they can focus their full attention on their patients.

Our History

Donna Kashani, M.D. is double board-certified in adult and child and adolescent psychiatry and has maintained a thriving private practice for over twenty-five years. She earned her medical degree at the age of twenty-three and has dedicated her career to patient care and wellness both in Ohio and California. She has co-authored a book, “Raising Happy Children,” and her advice has appeared in many publications.  Dr. Kashani has made over two hundred television and professional appearances and provides practical parenting and life advice. Since 2015, Dr. Kashani has been consistently ranked by Healthgrades as the number one child and adolescent psychiatrist in the country.

To stay focused on patient care, she tried outsourcing billing, hired office staff, and used various charting and accounting options over the years. Despite outsourcing some of these tasks, it soon became clear that they did not integrate well together, and there was a need to automate repetitive tasks and maximize the overlap of various aspects of the practice. The issues that needed to be addressed included getting her billing administrator and accountant aligned (thereby maximizing tax advantages), having ready access to patient files from the cloud, and calendar integrating with the billing system. 

Robert Bobbett is a seasoned executive having held many roles working in high-level technology positions as well as having a background in computer science and a Masters in Business Administration. With an additional background in entrepreneurial ventures, he has helped build companies quickly and in a fiscally savvy manner.  He streamlined Dr. Kashani’s busy practice by ensuring all the functions she performed could be automated, and all systems were effectively integrated. Breaking down these integration barriers and ensuring all the back-office tasks were securely handled, enabled her to focus 100% on patient care. Dr. Kashani has helped a multitude of clinicians beginning their practice to get started on what can be a daunting task.  Since this system worked so effectively and smoothly, she decided that other private practitioners could benefit from what she learned and the system that was built over years of collaboration with Mr. Bobbett. My Practice Experts was designed to address all the challenges, known and unknown, that are faced by practitioners to enable them to focus entirely on patient care as we take care of building the practice and the practice management.

Dr. Donna Kashani
Dr. Donna KashaniCEO / Psychiatrist
Robert Bobbett
Robert BobbettChief Operations Officer